We all love movies, especially the sci-fi ones. Who wouldn’t want to be a X-men or a spiderman. If we come to think of it biotechnology has contributed a fair bit to the movie industry.Here’s the list of top 5 biotech movies that any science lover would love to watch.


Some of you may not be familiar with this movie. GATTACA is one movie that is ahead of it’s time. Directed by Andrew Niccol in 1973, the movie deals with genetic studies. The story depicts of an era (of course the future) where the genetic makeup of an individual decides his or her societal status.With the world seeing one of its last naturally born babies, The story introduces you to a future possibility of designer babies.

A must watch movie, this one comes first in my list of biotech movies.


Jurassic Park needs no introduction. It is one of the best thriller movies that has been watched with equal enthusiasm by kids and adults. This one turned out to be a blockbuster hit and the production house went on with a series of Jurassic park movies.

While GATTACA predicted the future , Jurassic Park story dealt with the past. The story shows a wealthy businessman who creates a Animal theme park with dinosaurs genetically cloned from the blood extracted of a mosquito which was trapped  for thousands of years in amber.


Spiderman is one of my favorite superheros . The story has been around for decades,as it first came as a comic series and later was adapted into a movie. The movie has had different versions but the basic story has been the same . Peter Parker a nerdy boy is bit by a spider and with time he starts to attain the characteristics of a spider. Therefore, if you we think about it Peter Parker when bit by the radioactive spider underwent genetic transformation, which caused the spider genes to be integrated within his own genome.


Rampage ,  2018 American Sci-fi movie directed by Brad Peyton is the journey of a primatologist , Dwayne Johnson who teams up with an Albino Gorilla George (who turns into a raging enormous creature as a result of a rogue experiment) . The two team u to stop destruction from other mutated animals to save Chicago.

The movie depicts how genetic engineering and CRISPR technology has been used to edit genomes and create enormous and dangerous species.


The X-Men series

The X-Men movie series contain a total of 12 movies and their releases span over a decade (2000-2020). The latest X-men movie, THE NEW MUTANTS is yet to be released ( the dates have been pushed due to the coronavirus pandemic).

The series shows various types of mutations in humans that led to the creation of a new population of humans with special powers. Each  movie is a fictional creations but nevertheless each story and its characters,has been beautifully depicted.

Next time you are bored studying watch these biotech  movies and have great time.


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