Covid-19 has become more than a pandemic, is will be remembered as an era. An era of distress, suffering, loss and of death. Who would have thought that a disease could bring the entire human race to a standstill? is covid -19 a bioweapon

But the question is, is this a naturally mutated version of death or a man made one.

According to the reports by the Chinese government, coronavirus originated in the Wuhan seafood market. But if we look into the first reported Covid-19 patients none of them had contact with the seafood market. The suspicions of it originating from Institute of Virology, Wuhan have been suggested by many online forums.

The possibility of Covid19 being a bioweapon cannot be ignored. The very fact that the Chinese government at first tried to cover up the whole pandemic increases one’s suspicion.                                                           

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There have been many prominent personalities who have publicly expressed their suspicion on Covid-19 being a bioweapon. One of the first people to do so was US senator Tom Cotton who appeared on Fox News to allege that the virus could have been originated from the lab.

With the latest reports by the Fox News channel that the initial transmission was from a bat to human and that the patient zero worked at the Wuhan Institute of virology, the suspicions increase. The channel has come up with an exclusive report suggesting that the virus must have been leaked by an intern who was working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

With claims and conspiracy news filling up the internet, it is hard to decide what the truth is. But one can use an old proverb here,    ‘there’s no smoke without fire’.

The most surprising facts is the prediction of corona virus in an novel written in 1981. The book named ‘The eyes of Darkness’ is written by Dean Koontz and it eerily predicts the Coronavirus outbreak.

The photograph of the passage from the book has gone viral and has disturbed many netizens because of its uncanny resemblance with the true events.

The story of the book is about a mother who searches for her missing son and ultimately finds him in Wuhan and the series of events from then on. In the passage that went viral, a character named Dombey narrates about a virus called ‘Wuhan 400’ which was developed in an r-DNA lab.

The chilling accuracy with which this book resembles the current events is eerie.


With the number of positive patients climbing, the world, for the first time in human history is clueless of what has to be done.In an interview, Bioweapon expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that Coronavirus is a Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization(WHO) knows about it.                                                                         

Francis Boyle is an International Law professor at the Illionis College of law.He drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989.

Whatever be the case, a biological weapon or not. Everyone is at risk.With states and countries gong under lockdown it seems mankind is once again fighing for the same cause. The fight for survival.

While the pandemic has taken away our beloved from us, It has taught us to be aware, strong and that we need only minimal things to survive. Until a cure is found, a vaccine is made, prevention is our best option.

Let’s also appreciate the hardwork and courage of all those who are indeed in the field and fighting the war for us. Doctors, nurses, overnment officilas, police, the cleaning department , everyone who has contributed deserves an applause for their work and courage. The only help we can do is stay at home, abide by the safety procedures and be calm.


American lawyer Larry Klayman and his advocacy group Freedom Watch along with Texas company Buzz Photos has filed a $20 trillion lawsuit against the Chinese government, Chinese Army, The Wuhan Institute of Virology , Director of the Institute Shi Zhengli and Chinese army Major General Chen Wei.

So the question still remains, Is Covid-19 a Chinese bioweapon?, the answer can wait. The more important  and sort after question should be ‘ How can we cure Covid-19 infection?’. 



is covid19 a bioweapon                     is covid-19 a bioweapon?    is covid-19 a bioweapon?                                     




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